How and why you should add Google reviews to your website

by | Mar 26, 2022 | Digital Marketing, Local SEO, Reputation Management

If you’re a small business owner, you’re aware that Google reviews are an important part of your online presence. Google reviews help you increase your business’s visibility and credibility, and they can also help you get more leads and customers.

If you have a great reputation online with positive Google reviews from happy customers, you should consider embedding Google reviews on your website. Positive reviews on Google maps are great, but what about potential customers who find you in other ways? You should have your valuable reviews visible wherever a potential customer may find you.

Why you should embed Google reviews on your website

Embedded Google reviews on your website make sure that your positive reviews are shown for all of the ways people search for your business. Embedding Google reviews ensures that people who come directly to your website from things like marketing campaigns also see your positive Google reviews.

Embedding reviews on your site has a positive impact on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts too. Reviews and ratings are part of the criteria that Google factors into the rankings of your website. Google reviews provide a lot of great benefits for your business, and SEO benefits are often overlooked.

You may be wondering about negative reviews and what to do with those. It’s not necessary to show negative reviews on your website. In fact, you can choose to only display reviews that are 4 stars or more. This way your website visitors see the social proof that the majority of your online reviews focus on.

Where to add Google reviews to your website

It’s always a great idea to display your most recent 5-star reviews on your homepage. This shows potential customers that you care about customer service and will work hard to make sure they’re happy. The more reviews from existing customers you have, the better!

If you really want to get creative and stand out from your competition, consider embedding Google reviews in a slide show. Slide shows are always popular because they present information in a dynamic and engaging way. You can add all of your 5-star reviews from Google into a slide show that rotates through when someone is on your website.

You can also embed Google reviews on your about page or even create a page specific to testimonials from Google reviews, Yelp reviews, Facebook reviews, and reviews you received directly from happy customers.

Adding Google reviews to your website

Displaying Google reviews on your site can help you increase your business’ visibility and credibility. It can also help you get more leads and customers. Here’s how to add Google reviews to your website:

If you have a WordPress website you can download and install a Google reviews widget created specifically to embed Google reviews on websites. We recommend Widget for Google Reviews. It’s a free and user-friendly WordPress plugin to display Google reviews on your website.

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin of your choosing, you’ll likely need to connect to your Google My Profile (previously Google My Business) account for an API key. Then your Google review widget will be ready for customization.

Within the widget editor, you customize how many reviews to display at once, the format the reviews should be shown, your preferred star ratings, and more. For more advanced users you can utilize custom CSS in your website’s code to style the widget to your liking. Now you’re ready to embed Google reviews on any page of your WordPress website!

Various website-building platforms have options to embed Google reviews and some may require knowledge of HTML and Javascript to make it work. Consider working with a web developer for custom integrations.

When you add Google reviews to your site, consider any other sites that you collect reviews on and embed reviews from those platforms too. Social proof has a quantifiable effect on sales. According to BrightLocal, 93% of customers will read a local business’s reviews to see if they are reputable and a whopping 73% only pay attention to reviews from within the past month.

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